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MLAI April Meetup: Vaccine design & Fixing Mislabeled Data

912 Collins St

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Info for newcomers: The MLAI Meetup is a community for AI researchers and professionals which hosts monthly talks on exciting research. Our format is:

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Bruna Moreira will give a talk on the findings of her PhD: "Machine Learning Models to guide Vaccine design and Immunotherapies"

Abstract: The development of vaccines and immunotherapies in general are extremely time-consuming processes, on average a decade and can cost more than 2 billion dollars to reach the market. Identifying and selecting the appropriate biological candidate to provoke an effective and safe immune reaction in the host and, thus, create a protective memory immunity, is the fundamental basis of these processes, despite being extremely complex and multifactorial. Consequently, computational techniques that effectively assist in the selection of potential candidates have a promising role in this field in terms of substantially decreasing development time and cost. The aim of this project is to develop machine learning tools, freely and friendly accessible through web servers, to leverage global health by guiding these developments with useful AI-based predictors that narrow down the vast list of possible candidates.

Speaker’s bio: Bruna is a passionate PhD candidate in the Artificial Intelligence Group at the University of Melbourne. Her research explores machine learning approaches and graph-based techniques to address some of the complex pain points in the Vaccine design and Immunotherapies field. She is a curious learner and open to new points of view that can improve what and how we do things in a smarter way. You can check out more about her background here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brunamoreira

Derek Chong will give a talk on using pretrained language models to fix mislabeled data
Title and Abstract TBA

Speaker's bio: Derek is a technology generalist with over a decade of experience spanning machine learning, enterprise consulting, early-stage startups, and sustainable resource development. He is deeply interested in the use of technology to create positive social impact. Most recently, Derek has published research with the Stanford NLP Group exploring the use of foundation models in improving fairness in the California parole system.

Derek is based in Melbourne, Australia and holds degrees in Computer Engineering and Commerce from the University of Melbourne, in addition to a graduate certificate in artificial intelligence from Stanford University. Outside of work, Derek enjoys running, reading, and playing Go.

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MLAI Meetup: AI Risks in Education & CSIRO Atmospheric Modelling

Drill Hall, Multicultural Hub