Lightning Talks feat. Mat Kelsey, Angus Russell, Andy Gelme and Alisha Aneja

Machine Learning & AI Meetup
Machine Learning & AI Meetup
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This month's meetup will focus on 4 lighting talks featuring Mat Kelsey, Andy Gelme, Angus Russell and Alisha Aneja

Mat Kelsey

Mat is an applied research engineer recently returned to Melbourne after a tour of duty in the U.S. Mat was a member of the Google Brain team working initially on natural language understanding but more recently on deep reinforcement learning for robotics

pix2pix & cyclegan; in this talk we'll do a brutally short intro to generative adversarial networks & how they can be conditioned by images to do image domain transfer using either paired data (pix2pix) or unpaired data (cyclegan)

Angus Russell

Angus is a co-founder of Syntropy, a Brisbane-based AI startup working on unsupervised learning algorithms.

"Features vs Manifolds - Angus will explain why Geoffrey Hinton is disillusioned with deep learning, how his capsules theory works, and why it's exciting. He'll also show us the approach they're taking at Syntropy to do the same thing in a more scalable way."

Andy Gelme

Andy is a hacker extraordinaire. No hard or software presents an impossible challenge. He is involved in many aspects of the wider technology community and is bringing his wealth of experience to Machine Learning as a member of the Silverpond team

Andy is one of the founders of Melbourne’s Hackerspace. He will be discussing all things self driving 1/16th size cars as he has been heavily involved in the space’s workshops for people to build their own to scale self driving vehicles.

Alisha Aneja

Alisha is currently the Machine Learning Intern at Silverpond as she studies a Master's of Science, majoring in Computer Science . As an open source enthusiast, she has made many contributions to Mozilla.

Alisha is going to touch on her experience as an Machine Learning intern, and the insights gleaned that will benefit the community