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Our meetup is about learning mathematics and programming used in data science in the most intuitive and effective way. We host workshops that utilize tech learning platforms that give you automatic feedback on your precise mistake with the use of machine learning and other highly interactive methods of learning.

Our instructors have background in education, machine learning, but also educational technology research from a variety of industry. Meaning we combine the best of all fields to provide you only evolved learning experiences.

We are open to passionate learners from any level or field, new ways of learning, new technologies applied to new ways of learning.

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Decentralized Energy Prediction

Forskningsparken - Oslo Science Park

Intro: Where once we consumed mass media, now we can produce social media. Where we once had to go to a central location to manage money, now we can manage it wherever we can access the internet, customizing our banking experience like never before. Before, we went to central locations to shop for standardized goods, now we can have customized goods delivered to our homes. The rise of decentralized distributed energy systems is producing a similar dynamic for energy producers and consumers. Partners: TGN Energy, Sintef, Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) Speakers: TGN Energy's CEO & Co-Founder Tommy Bønsnæs TGN Energy's CTO & Co-Founder Fredrik Andersson CEO Sci-code (Product Diggit.no) About TGN Energy: TGN Energy has recently run a pilot at a large factory Isola in collaboration with the partners listed above. They ran an experiment on how effective solar power coupled with a battery and a control system could effectively save costs, instead of the factory relying entirely on the power grid! The functionalities they have today are peak holding, reduction of reactive power, phase equalization and emergency current. They can turn the inverter between charging and discharging completely seamlessly, and they can connect to the internet and read tomorrow's electricity prices via Nord Pool to optimize the use of battery, or predict the next day's solar cell production by connecting to Yr (weather data provider). Challenge and Data that will be presented: In order to save even more electricity costs for the future factories, TGN energy wants a better control system that can take in data from electricity prices, weather, historical data, and battery (among other variables)! At the event, TGN Energy's Tommy and Frederik will present their story, their experiment, the record results they acheived! While Magnus, representing diggit.no challenge for TGN Energy, will present how to get started and the rules of the challenge:) Event Info: For this event, we aim to have a webinar and physical Location at Forskingsparken (we really hope the COVID conditions in January will allow for a physical location) We had around 200 signups in our last cancer AI event and we want to ensure this high turn out with a topic just as vital! Goal Theoretical 1. Learn the basics of distributed energy systems 2. Get an overview of the parameters and the dataset 3. Learn about one of the latest deep tech startups working on the solution in collaboration with the biggest research institutions! Practical 1. Get a demonstration of how this data can be utilized in a model (presented to you in a python jupyter notebook or google colab) Who are we? Our company Sci-Code's mission is to provide cutting edge courses to ambitious individuals wanting to thrive in their field in the 21st century. We are sponsored and partnered with CAIR (Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research), MaTRIC (Centre for Research, Innovation and Coordination of Mathematics Teaching), and the Research Council of Norway. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ !OBS! We can only have 25 people physically attending ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join our slack to get the cutting edge insight on the challenges and meet the eager community to solve them! https://join.slack.com/t/diggit-hq/shared_invite/zt-gw4fuqfr-~CkoP5CWVFpd0gLxZB_Yqw Don't forget to get your ticket soon before our free tickets are sold out!

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