Zen of Data Teams #03

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To join the meetup and guarantee the level of meaningful discussions at the event, we kindly ask you to fill in an application form here: https://lift99.typeform.com/to/qvYXfj
Selected participants will be confirmed by no later than September 16th.

At the third meetup, a speaker from Berlin will join us. Melinda Jacobs, Chief Product Officer @ Mobius Labs, will explore how the responsibilities of product management are changing in the era of AI. She will discuss a different direction our workflow processes need take to accommodate this new data-centric tool in our toolbox. UX is no longer just wireframes, it is also an understanding process of ways to handle new users with no data, evaluate the subjective performance of a system (like AI-generated recommendations), and loop in data scientist/engineers as stakeholders. All the while, also not losing the crucial focus on mapping solutions to customer pain points.

Kristjan Eljand, Technology Scout @ Eesti Energia - discusses an example case study of how giving higher responsibilities to each team member will lead you to business growth and higher efficiency while also increasing the sustainability of the team. Along the way, we’ll also think about some possible hierarchies of data science teams.

About speakers:

Kristjan Eljand Technology Scout @ Eesti Energia

Kristjan has been working in the field of data science since 2012. From[masked], he was the CEO of STACC (data science competence center with 50+ employees). Currently, he is working as a Technology Scout for Eesti Energia, giving his contribution to innovation in the energy sector.

Melinda, the Chief Product Officer of Mobius Labs (Berlin), is an international speaker, entrepreneur, gamification wizard, and N7 paragon. At Mobius Labs she’s responsible for developing a product that empowers companies through computer vision. She’s the founder of Subatomic, the Dutch partner of the Interreg EU Create Converge project, an agency that specializes in using interactive experiences and play (gamification) to tell narratives and stories that create behavior change. She’s published many of the findings of her research projects in peer-reviewed journals and is a mentor, coach, and advisor to startups from around the world.

18:00 - 18:30 Arrival and snacks
18:30 - 19:15 Kristjan Eljand - The Unexpected Effectiveness of Trust
19:15 - 20:00 Melinda Jacobs - Changing Requirements: Moving design from 'coded’ to ‘taught’
20:00 - …. Networking, snacks, and refreshments

The Zen of Data Teams is a meetup series that targets the problems in Data Science on a team and project level. Instead of concentrating on individual Data Scientist’s skills or technological aspects of projects, we will discuss the topics focusing on the running Data Science projects and teams. The target audience for the series is Data Science team members who want to optimize their teamwork. These include Data Scientist, Product Managers/Owners, Scrum Master, and whomever else is daily involved with Data Scientists. Instead of having only talks, where speakers tell what’s and how’s, we would like to include everyone in discussions during the events so we could create best practices and zen state for our teams together.