How is Machine Learning used in Fintech? - Bradford Cross

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How is Machine Learning used in Fintech? Vertical AI and its Applications in the Financial Services Industry - Bradford Cross

Abstract: Financial services managed to avoid broad based technology disruption for decades until around 10 years ago with the rise of a number of different fintech categories like lendingclub for P2P lending and stripe for payments.
We will start by mapping the financial services sector into banking, insurance, investments, real estate and consumer financial services and looking at machine learning applications in each.
Then we will contrast modern machine learning approaches against traditional ‘quant finance.’
Finally, we will dive into specific applications like underwriting credit and insurance, risk scoring, product and marketing, financial crimes, real estate, and some more exotic ideas like using satellite imagery to make economic predictions on earth.


Bradford is a founding partner at the world's leading machine learning and big data venture capital fund. He has founded two startups since 2009; Prismatic and Flightcaster.

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