Speech data mining: not yet ready for retirement - Honza Černocký

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Speech data mining: not yet ready for retirement - Honza Černocký

Abstract: Speech data mining (that will be represented by transcription and speaker verification in this talk) is an important application of machine learning. In addition to classical ML and computer science components, it also sources other sciences such as physiology, lexicography, and phonetics, making it a funny inter-disciplinary domain. The talk will present what we are doing in the BUT Speech@FIT group, from the ML basics, through evaluations, to hot topics. We will claim that not everything in speech data mining can be bought, that R&D is still needed and that we’re not yet ready for retirement.

Speaker: Honza Černocký is Associate Professor (Docent) and Head of the Department of Computer Graphics and Multimedia at the Faculty of Information Technology, Brno University of Technology (FIT BUT). He also serves as the managing director of BUT Speech@FIT research group. He participated in research internships with ESIEE Paris, France and OGI Portland, Oregon, USA. His research interests include signal processing and speech data mining (speaker and language recognition, keyword spotting and spoken term detection). He was PI and co-PI of several local, European and US-funded projects. He served as co-chair of IEEE ICASSP 2011 in Prague and co-organized ASRU 2013. As faculty member of FIT BUT, he teaches signal-processing, pattern recognition, and speech related courses. Honza co-founded Phonexia in 2006 and helped launching two other speech start-ups.

http://speech.fit.vutbr.cz (http://speech.fit.vutbr.cz/)

Language: English if there is one single person in the audience that does not understand Czech, Czech otherwise.


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