FlowerChecker: Exciting journey of one ML startup - Ondra Veselý & Jiří Řihák

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FlowerChecker: Exciting journey of one ML startup - Ondra Veselý & Jiří Řihák

FlowerChecker -- machine learning startup -- was established three years ago by three PhD. students with one goal: plant identification.
The story-like talk shows how we use machine learning to validate the initial business idea. How we struggled trying to use existing image-recognition software and also and how and why we have collected dataset for the first commercial machine learning system with different interfaces: mobile app, facebook chatbot or twitter guerrilla marketing bot. Many colorful graphs included.
The second part of the talk goes more technical: TensorFlow, Inception v3, data preprocessing tricks, performance tuning and debugging. Basically all the struggles we needed to overcome to be able to identify 9000 different plant species.


Ondřej is a developer and data engineer. After a brief experience with development for Seznam.cz and AVG Technologies, he founded FlowerChecker where he plays CEO role. After stabilising the business, he joined Kiwi.com on its early startup-stage to establish analytics, research teams. Currently he builds streaming pipelines for business intelligence, leads Czechitas python courses and consults R&D projects for the European Commission.

Jirka is FlowerChecker co-founder responsible for app development and ML in plant identification. He is also finishing his PhD in Adaptive Learning group - small, but enthusiastic research lab at FI MU focused on application of ML in education.

Language: Czech


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