0-day Malware Detection at Scale – Zdenek Letko

Machine Learning Meetup Brno
Machine Learning Meetup Brno
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In this talk, we will introduce the key aspects of the global infrastructure built by Wandera to offer organizations a global solution for Enterprise Mobile Security and Data Management. Next we discuss the exciting journey towards Machine Learning (ML) based zero day malware detection in a production environment. We will talk about the usual ML steps such as data harvesting, feature extraction, classification algorithm optimisation, model training, and evaluation. Having a functioning ML model is great but how to use it in production? The remainder of this talk is devoted to answering this question and will focus on model retraining, deployment, monitoring, and solution maintenance. And since we are not super heroes, the talk will be interlaced with lessons learnt – usually discovered the hard way. ;)

Zdenek is a software engineer and data science/machine learning enthusiast. He is currently working for Wandera, helping MI:RIAM to see, understand, and predict Internet traffic and applications behaviour.

Language: English

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