How to do ML if you have lots of Google’s GPUs – Vladimir Macko

Machine Learning Meetup Brno
Machine Learning Meetup Brno
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Journey of a student from UK Bratislava into doing research at Google New York as an AI resident. What is AI residency, what is AutoML, what is architecture search, how can one make use of tons of GPUs, why does AdaNet have such an amazing GIF, what does it mean to play at state-of-the-art levels of accuracy in image classification, and what is so far the best indicator for getting into the AI residency?

Vladimir „Vlejd“ Macko is a graduated from UK Bratislava with 4 years of ML startup experience and two internships in Google. He spent his last year in Google research New York as an AI resident. He worked on architecture search in AutoML team AdaNet, and combinatorial optimization for mixed-integer program solving in collaboration with DeepMind.

Language: English

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