• Artificial Intelligence Movie Night Premiere @Vnyl

    The VNYL - Vintage New York Lifestyle

    Machine Learning Society- New York would love to welcome everyone to our Artificial Intelligence Movie Night The VYNL. We will be watching a movie on Artificial Intelligence called "Do you Trust this Computer" Directed by Chris Painefollowed by a technical talk with ML Society. We are looking forward to have a fun evening watching the AI movie followed by an intellectual discussion on an overlap of Neuroscience, Mathematics, Psychology, Computer Science and Complex Systems - Hierarchically Stacked Neural Networks Machine Learning Society is extremely grateful to The VNYL for the beautiful venue. Drinks and Food are not included but will be offered by the venue. You will need about $25 for appetizers and refreshments for our movie night but not required for entry. Event Host: ML Society New York

  • Volunteer Meeting

    Made Hotels

    Dear MLS Volunteers and Community Members, We are kicking off our Volunteer meetings to grow the New York Data Science community. We have some exciting developments to share with you. The MLS team has restructured the entire volunteer strategy to create more impact. Join us for an in-person Volunteer Meeting to learn more about how to get involved. Please make sure to fill out this Volunteer Form before coming to the meeting! http://bit.ly/CO-Volunteer Agenda: Meet the Team Leaders Strategy Introduction Break into teams Brainstorm strategies Have some cookies while changing the world The following teams will be formed: - Community Organizer | Evangelist - Kaggle Ops - Event Ops - Data Traffickers See you Saturday May 19th at 12pm!

  • Sunday Volunteer meeting at the Ace Hotel

    Ace Hotel

    We are kicking off our Sunday Volunteer meetings to grow the New York Data Science community. Join me tomorrow to form teams and develop strategies for the New York Chapter. The following teams will be formed: - Community Organizer | Evangelist - Kaggle Ops - Event Ops - Data Traffickers Please visit our Volunteer Page to learn more about our program. http://bit.ly/CO-Volunteer See you tomorrow.

  • Igniting the Computational Renaissance with the Founder of MLS & CO

    Hello friends! I am coming to the East Coast (New York and Boston) for a few weeks and would be honored to have you join me for an evening of conversation, sharing, and a collective gaze into the future. The Machine Learning Society is hosting a fireside chat with New York's top community leaders in ABC ( Artificial Intelligence, Biotech and Cryptocurrency) Topics: Structuring high-performance technical teams. Self-evaluation and developing new skills in Data+Science. Community resources: Free Lectures, Jobs, Projects, Initiatives. Event Announcements: A big Hackathon is coming! Panel: Tristen Tyler Blake Founder | Community Architect at The Machine Learning Society Founder | Information Trafficker at "CO" a Science & Tech Social Network https://www.linkedin.com/in/tristentylerblake/ Brian Rogers VP of Product | Augmate, an IoT blockchain company. Co-Founder and Chairman of the Columbia Blockchain Alliance. https://www.linkedin.com/in/brogers/ Charlie Oliver CEO & Founder at TECH 2025 CEO & Founder at Served Fresh Media LLC linkedin.com/in/charlieoliverny Sponsors: Please thank Moody's Analytics for hosting us in their beautiful venue and providing food, drinks for our guests. You must bring a photo ID to enter through security. The event will be on the 19th floor. Don't forget to bring a resume: Moody's Analytics is hiring! Host: The Machine Learning Society (https://www.mlsociety.com/) strives to facilitate high-quality relationships between innovators. We are developing a global network that promotes scientific discovery and the transaction of powerful new ideas. We invite everyone with a vision for a better future to exercise their passion and creativity on solving the world's most challenging problems. Visit www.mlsociety.com and join our mission to improve the human condition with Science, Technology and Culture. Partners & Supporters: NYAI - A community of researchers, developers, educators, data scientists, investors, and general enthusiasts, gathering to network, learn, and discuss emerging trends in AI. We host monthly Speaker Series featuring thought leaders presenting technical deep dives covering specific topics on AI and machine learning. Visit Nyai.co to see their upcoming events Brooklyn Futurist Meetup - We discuss what the world might look like in ten years or more. Speakers explore trends with transformative potential... or ones that are just fascinating. https://www.meetup.com/BLKNY30/