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"The model is overfitting, please increase L2 regularization!"

If you understand this sentence and find it interesting, then this group is for you! Lets all get together in Stockholm and learn from each other in the wonderful world of machine learning.

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"mini hackathon" Wikipoeia - new free medical science
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Dear all! My name is Ruslan Savitskij, I 'm a medical doctor, researcher and developer of e - solutions for various medical challenges. I started what I myself think :-) a very promising project which I call Wikipoeia. http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Wikipoeia-user-produced-consumed-free-4708262?trk=my_groups-b-grp-vtrk=myg_ugrp_ovr It is an honor and privilege to have some very competent people on board in this project – Harald Andersson, Jose Romero Miret, Dmytro Lytovchenko – just to mention some… It is supposed to be a non-profit, open source Big Data project, in accordance with Wikimedia /Wikipedia principles and spirit. The project aims to build a free database for new type of medical research, where all people may donate their health-related experience (for example swimming 30 minutes, playing exergames 3 hours , etc. ) and where all de - identified data will be open to anyone to freely research on . (This part of project calls U-Science)
Machine learning is a crucial part of this bold project.

I am confident that this will radically change the medical research in the world like Foldit ,Wikipedia and Linux changed their respective sectors of the world. As exciting as it is for us to work with this bold vision, likewise we are aware of our limits – all this is obviously much bigger than we can manage efficiently – and still – this must be done! Therefore we announce "Wikipoeia mini hackathon” - approx 3-4 hours on Sat, Jan 18th and hope that you will join. So it is our hope that you will choose to contribute to this development – we need your talent, your expertise and your generosity right now. Please consider to join!

As this magic day comes closer, let me mention that during this event (09.00 - 12-00) u will get sandwiches, snacks, fruit, tea, coffee and for those who want I will serve lunch - Russian Borsch (beetroot soup). It traditionally include beef but if someone wish vegetarian variant - I´ll fix it but let me know asap.

How to come to Innernet - take any bus from Slussen to Lillängen (approx 10 min from Slussen) there are parking places as well.

Looking forward to see you all!

I´m not sure this is of big help but anyhow - please see this video pitch (9 min) I produced for 1st round on Medstartr https://vimeo.com/77056673­ (crowdsourcing for medical innovations) and see on very practical level how data supposed to come into Wikipoeia. I have 3-4 such a productions right now and they all estimated have substantial viral capacity, not least they challenge people to compete in donating "molecules"of science.

Think then that there are approx[masked] all possible apps and gadgets and all this is growing very fast. Almost no one of those small producers can manage clinical trial but they can build in "Donate to Wikipoeia" button and motivate their user to send data to Wikipoeia and this way conduct some evaluation of their stuff and maybe boost sale - now they are motivated! Now this huge win-win arise. In my other app AirWay which is very effective online psychotherapy - user on daily basis produce 50-60 numbers a day/everyone of 6 participants of program.

Distributed Real-Time Classification in Social Media Mining

Hi Machine Learning Stockholm,

I am about to release an open source project which deals with real-time classification in social media mining. It is based on Apache Storm and SAMOA framework and is using a sophisticated distributed classification algorithm called Vertical Hoeffding Tree (VHT). My project for now supports The Twitter API.

I can showcase and discuss challenges and ask for contribution from the machine learning community. I already have some initial slides and code in case you want to look at it before confirmation.

Amir Hossein Rahnama

Website: http://www.ambodi.com

Github: https://github.com/ambodi/

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Building Swedish language models

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