What we're about

We live in a fast-paced world.
To keep up, a bunch of tech-enthusiasts with diverse backgrounds are meeting up regularly to dive into, learn, discuss and apply something, that is changing everything: Machine Learning.

Our primary focus is on engineering AI. We provide technical working sessions, ranging from Kaggle competitions to small hackathons, workshops and seminars. Our vision is to build a strong machine learning community in Tokyo, to collaborate and build cool stuff.

Other events may include talks, panel discussions and networking opportunities for a broader audience interested in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Machine Learning.


Past events (68)

Recommendation Systems (study sessions)

Tokyo Metropolitan Central Library

NLP paper reading session: "The Natural Language Decathlon"

Tokyo Metropolitan Central Library

MLT 一般社団法人 NPO Launch


Python tools for Deep Learning--Chainer, CuPy, and Optuna

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