What we're about

As applied ML / AI continues its rapid growth within industry and research, we believe it's important to foster a community where academics, students, and professionals can come together to experiment and learn from each other. Our meetup group, Machine Learning at Work, aims to do just that with a novel program that allows members to learn from research and practice while providing a space to hack and solve problems with real code.

Machine Learning at Work meets to discuss topics in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our goal is to bring together those actively working, studying, or interested in working in the AI / ML space. Attendees will share ideas, projects, algorithms and results with their peers in NYC. Practical considerations for AI implementations are the focus of this meetup, and members are encouraged to bring a laptop and be prepared to write / modify some code. Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

+ Natural language processing
+ Image recognition
+ Reinforcement and adversarial learning
+ Fraud detection and security
+ Education applications
+ Marketing and advertising
+ ML frameworks and platforms

Attendees will leave the meetup with working code examples (GitHub repo, Jupyter Notebook, etc) related to the topics presented which they can use to reproduce the results presented and further investigate on their own.

Our Lineup Includes:
-Data Scientists and Engineers from NY's Enterprise Top 500
-Startups focusing on AI / Machine Learning
-Presentations on production-ready workflows

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