What we're about

We're a bunch of Machine Learning and Big Data professionals.

We'd love to meet others that are interested in these fields (NLP, Deep Learning, data analysis, functional programming etc.). This could be a great opportunity for networking and learning from fellow BD/ML professionals.

We are interested in the latest research in NLP tasks such as sentiment detection, text summarization and general text classification, as well as unsupervised tasks such as deep embeddings and clustering. In addition, we like to discuss distributed data processing and how to scale up machine learning algorithms.

We try out different technologies and paradigms in Big Data (such as Hadoop, Spark, ElasticSearch and microservices pipelines) and are always in the lookout for more cutting-edge technologies.

Join us, let's talk about the interesting stuff!!

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Bloom Filters & New Redis Modules for real-time Image Classification

In this meetup we have two talks about big data. First we'll learn about a smart caching algorithm to save time, space and money and then we'll learn how to extend Redis DB functionality using modules, and see an example of ML models serving. Agenda: 18:00-18:20 Gathering and Networking 18:20-18:50 Saving time & space w/ Bloom Filter / Hillel Kahana, VP Engineering @ Amobee 18:50-19:05 Snacks, Beer and Networking 19:05-19:35 Real Time Events Classification w/ RedisGears & RedisAI / Meir Shpilraien, Senior Software Engineer @ RedisLabs 19:35-20:00 Networking and Discussions Saving time and space with Bloom Filters: Bloom filter is a probabilistic data structure that tests whether an item is a member of a set or not. It is efficient in both time and space and is used in caching algorithms and databases such as Cassandra and HBase. In this talk we'll present the algorithm and see examples of how to put it to good use in order to save time, space and money. Real Time Events Classification with RedisGears & RedisAI: Recently we, at Redislabs, introduced two new Redis modules: RedisGears and RedisAI. RedisAI allows running AI models embedded in Redis while RedisGears provides modules integration and server side data ingest. In this talk we we'll present how we can use RedisGears and RedisAI to achieve real time image classification. Please RSVP - Space is limited! The talks are in Hebrew. A big thanks to Amobee for the hospitality, space and food!

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