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Matt McCormick: Enabling Business Decisions with Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is great for developing the functional part of applications. Want to build a point-of-sale system? Create an order? List orders? Etc? No problem. Rails framework makes that easy to code and fairly efficient to run. But what about when you want to make complicated business decisions? Like seeing how many of each product was sold over the last week, two weeks, and month so you can forecast ordering for the week? Rails standard way of doing things makes this easy to code but horribly inefficient - especially if you have a lot of data in each table. This is the kind of data decision makers want to see. This talk will focus on how you can build these kind of complicated queries in a performant way. --- Matt is the founder and CEO of Jet City Device Repair. After gaining his masters degree in CS from UW Madison he spent four years as a cog in a giant, crushing wheel we know as Microsoft before he quit to freelance as a software developer. Through a variety of random events, he ended up starting a small side business fixing broken cell phones. In 2008 a friend convinced him this should be a real business. Today that side business has 3 retails stores, a bulk repair division for schools, employs 20 people, and will do about $2.5 million in sales this year.

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