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Netrunner Season 9 games this Monday! Please review the following to make sure everything goes as smoothly and fun as possible:

I'm new. How do I join?: Just ask! So long as you bring a tournament legal Runner and Corporation deck, you can play.

When to play: Game night is every Monday starting at 5:00pm. You can arrive later, but that leaves less time for playing! We ask that you don't start any matches after 8:00pm.

How many matches per week: Two at most. If you only have enough time for one full match, that's perfectly fine; you'll still get points toward your player rating for that game. Keep in mind, though, you get more points for playing more games.

Who will I be matched up with?: Players choose who they challenge to a match each night. You may only challenge someone you haven't played against that night. Follow the match structure rules below and report your results to the front counter.

Match structure: A full match consists of two games in which players take turns playing as the Runner and the Corporation. There will be no time limits; we're keeping it casual.

Player rating: For each game you win in a match, you gain two points toward your player rating. The most you can earn each week is 8 points. Your final player rating is equal to your FOUR BEST WEEKS out of the five in the season.

Bye's: If an odd player makes every effort to make it to game night on time and stay the whole night, but it becomes impossible to play a second match because of a lack of other eligible opponents, we'll give you a bye. Only one player can get a bye per night and only one bye can ever be awarded to a player. A bye is an automatic 4 points added to your player rating and does count towards earning a weekly prize, but does not award anything toward your tie breaker rating.

Tie Breaker: At the end of the season, if there is a tie between players that are eligible for winning prizes, the tie is broken by comparing their Strength of Schedule score. This score is the sum of their opponents' Player Ratings.

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