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Please check out the Madison Mycological Society (https://madisonmycologicalsociety.com/) (MMS) website for details on upcoming events and all things related to the club.

We are a group of mycophiles, people who love fungi for all the amazing things about them. Fungi are essential members of all ecosystems as mutualists, decayers, and pathogens. Certain mushrooms are some of the tastiest foods on Earth and one in particular, the white truffle, is the most expensive. You can make stunning dyes with fungi, remediate pollution, and produce essential biotechnological products. They have been used for eons by all human cultures to explore spiritual states of mind. Above all, the endless diversity of colors, shapes, smells, tastes, and textures of fungi create sensorial wonder, fascination, and curiosity, making mycology one of the most exciting and satisfying fields of study.

Madison Mycological Society hosts forays and other events throughout the spring, summer, and fall where community members can learn from each other, learn from nature, and explore the choice edible and inedible fungi that grow throughout Wisconsin's many landscapes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there carpooling options?

Each foray has its own carpooling site. Please check the foray's description to find it!

Are forays kid friendly?

People of all ages attend our forays, but children must be accompanied by a guardian. Mushroom hunting is generally a slow-paced outdoors activity and people can come and go as they please. We explore all kinds of natural areas and given their variability some will be more accessible than others. Some foray locations are not far from urban centers and consist of paved paths, others are further away and require off-trail maneuvering.

What should I wear/bring?

Wear long pants and hiking boots or old tennis shoes. Bring a hat, water, a snack for when you get hungry, and insect repellant. Some people like to bring hiking sticks to help walk and forage, a pocket knife for cutting mushrooms, and wicker baskets to hold their harvest. A map of the foray location, a compass, and a whistle are all good items to bring as well. Finally, a camera for documenting mushrooms and a notebook to write down information are great tools for growing as a wild forager and mycologist.

How much does it cost?

There are no fees due to the Madison Mycological society to forage, but be aware a Wisconsin State Park pass is required to enter many of our foraging destinations.

Past events (23)

Foray at Ridgeway Pine Relict SNA

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MMS Monthly Meeting #8

Birge Hall

Foray at Browntown Oak Forest SNA

Browntown Oak Forest State Natural Area

Foray at Magnolia Bluff State Natural Area

Magnolia Bluff

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