What we're about

Are you bored of your daily routine?

Do you often just end up watching TV or just what's apping in your free time?

Do you wish to have a way to get fit, have fun, vent your frustrations, and make some friends all in one go?

If YES, We think you should join Us!!!!

Want to play but not finding a table ? No worries at all - We will arrange it for you.

Single? Want a partner to play? No worries at all - We are there to play with you.

Want your loved ones to feel & learn the game? The Wait is over - Bring them to the table. We will do the job for you.

You can keep it a strictly social thing but if you like to be competitive then you can join us in upcoming leagues and compete against other players. Rise to the Fame of the Sports.

Please NOTE our Rules on RSVP

• For event that have limited slots : Please DO NOT RSVP if you are not planning to turn up.

• After you manage to RSVP - Please be responsible & have the habit of updating your RSVP PROMPTLY when you no longer can turn up at-least 2 days in advance . This is our group community rules & basic courtesy.

• If you cannot agree or adhere to our group simple RSVP rules - please do not even bother to RSVP .

• All "no shows" in the past would be recorded for events that has limited slots. After 2 of such "no shows" - we reserve the right to ban you and remove from the group !




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