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Solving the Model Representation Problem With broom
Alex Hayes, an active contributor to broom (a tidyverse package), will be giving a presentation on how to use broom. Presentation abstract: The R objects used to represent model fits are notoriously inconsistent, making data analysis inconvenient and frustrating. The broom package resolves this issue by defining a consistent way to represent model fits. By summarizing essential information about fits in tidy tibbles, broom makes it easy to programmatically work with model objects. Combining broom with list-columns results in an especially powerful way to work with many model fits at once. This talk will feature several case studies demonstrating how broom resolves common problems in data analysis. I'll conclude with some thoughts on the future of broom and how broom might fit into an overall grammar of statistical modeling.

Madison Public Library - Central

201 West Mifflin Street · Madison, WI

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