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This is a meetup group for people with Chronic Illnesses that are open to discussing the struggles as well as triumphs in their lives. The general idea is to provide a support group for those going through medical conditions or friends and families of people with a chronic illness/disease. This is meant to provide an outlet to talk, discuss and listen to others going through similar issues, and hopefully allow one another to feel more connected by our struggles.

The group should have a non-judgmental, understanding atmosphere, similar to a self-help group. It is important to create an inviting atmosphere with a positive vibe and support for one another.

At this time this is just for physical chronic diseases, and not mental issues. We might extend the group type later on.

As this is a new group, there will likely not be a formal event until January sometime. The plan is to meet once or twice a month for a relaxed discussion. If you have some available to Saturdays in January or February, please let me know so we can start to schedule our first meeting. I have an available venue that I can reserve at anytime. I typically just need to let the owner know a couple weeks in advance. I look forward to meeting you!

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Sequoia Public Library

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West Towne Condo's Gatehouse

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