What we're about

This is a group for people interested in things that fly (without simply being thrown), their emerging applications, and pushing the state-of-the-art in autonomous unmanned systems. (It's also fine if you mainly like playing with them.)

The goal is to get together with like-minded enthusiasts, drone-nerds, engineers, researchers, academics, baristas, etc., and anyone else interested in advancing the capabilities and designs of existing systems. Topics may draw from the anecdotal, e.g., "I (unintentionally) got my octocopter to fly upside down," to existing research projects, e.g., "My drones fly autonomously in coordinated swarms and automatically map out underlying terrain" and anything in between or even more out there.

The intent is to gather regularly (or some approximation thereof) to talk, have brief presentations, fly, demo crazy new capabilities, examine emerging capabilities, network, etc. Perhaps some interesting collaborations may form that combine various backgrounds to create cool new drone technologies. But to start, let's meet, talk drones, and take it from there. For more details, if you want to help out, or have interesting topics in mind, feel free to contact me.

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