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Ray Nicholus: Getting To Know the File API

The File API is supported in all modern browsers. The W3C spec allows you to upload files via XHR/AJAX, read/manipulate files, and, in some cases, access the filesystem. This is all native to the browser, so no need for ActiveX, Flash, or Java! In this presentation, I'll cover the following:

What does this spec provide?

What are File and Blob objects?

Reading files

Manipulating blobs and creating your own

Handling dropped files and folders

Handling files and folders via

Uploading files via AJAX/XHR

What if the browser doesn't support the File API?

Mark Feltner: The Javascript Task Runner Landscape

The pros, cons, differences, and similarities between different "trendy" automation tools such as Gulp, Grunt, Broccoli, and some others.

Food will be provided by Widen Enterprises!