What we're about

This is a group for people with novice to professional photography skills. Will be best enjoyed by people who are interested in learning photography, know more about Madras - its history, its current lifestyle, its aromas and beauty; love traveling, socializing and Food! We will select a location every week, preferably every Sunday (or Saturday) and will walk from Point A to Point B with/without a guided tour and share photography tips, tricks and how-to's. We will cover major areas of photography like - Nature, Street, Portrait, Landscape, Location and a few others. Some meetups could end with a delicious breakfast or coffee, movie etc.

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Let's meetup, discover some amazing areas of Madras&indulge in some PHOTOGRAPHY!

You might have already falling in love with Madras or not! Might have friends in this city, might already know a lot about photography... however, if you are interested to learn more about photography and love traveling and discovering the hidden streets and cafes of a city. Come, join us! We plan to meet on every Sunday.