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🌟A warm welcome to Madrid Spirituality & Meditation Group.

🌟 Workshops are given in English.

🌟 This group is for those interested in understanding and developing their Mind, Soul and Spirit.

There are two types of workshops:

1) 1-Hour Sunday Meditations from 8-pm until 9-pm.

2) Introduction to Spirituality, Kabbalah and Psychology (To be arranged)

🌟 No prior knowledge or experience to any Spiritual practices, Meditation, Psychology or Kabbalah required.

🌟 Follow the link below to see the youtube video, which is just one example of the kind of guided meditation that the facilitator Chris offers.


🌟 Workshop 1: To be announced:

Introduction to Kabbalah and psychology.

A general theory on the Kabbalah Tree of Life principles will be given for you to gain a deeper meaning into your Ego, Self, Soul purpose and Spirit.

🌟 Workshop 2: Meditations are often scheduled for Sunday evenings.

Meditation workshops will consist of 30-40 minutes of guided meditation, followed by an exploration into the meditation, that consists of interpretation and insight into the meanings behind the images that we get.

As a reference point and a safe road map into our guided meditation, we will have the Tree of Life diagram present. The Tree of Life will be used to help us identify the different significant meanings behind the images, thoughts and feelings that one gets from their meditation.

During most meditations, you will get an opportunity to ask the Universe a question about something that you would like to know about and seek an answer to those queries.

🌟 Workshops are facilitated by Chris Stavri:

Chris Stavri is a psychotherapist based in London and Madrid. And the author of the self-help book "Know You Can Change". Accredited by the BACP, Chris has many years of experience working with people affected by emotional and psychological issues. He has also been studying and practising Kabbalah with Master teacher Z'ev ben Shimon Halevi at his London school for the past 15 years.

🌟 All our members bring with them a loving vibration, have mutual respect and a non-judgmental attitude towards other members of the group.

🌟 The guided meditations are offered on a donation basis.

🌟 We can make a better world! - It begins by raising our consciousness!

Love and Light, Chris

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