How to Participate in the Future of Java && Functional Reactive with Core Java

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En el mes de Mayo tendremos una interesantísima sesión doble:

Tendremos el gran privilegio de recibir a Heather VanCura, la presidenta del Java Community Process Program (JCP Program), para lo que probablemente sea una de las charlas más enfocadas en Java y la comunidad del JUG.

Será una oportunidad ideal para conocer y hablar de Java y de la plataforma y cómo la comunidad (y tú como miembro de ella) puedes contribuir y participar en su futuro.

Por otro lado, coincide también en Madrid en esta fecha Sven Ruppert, Developer Advocate de @Vaadin y uno de los Groundbreakers, que nos hablará de "Functional Reactive with Core Java"

Os dejamos la descripción de la charlas y de la bio de Heather:

# How to Participate in the Future of Java
This session will explore how Java development has been brought into the open and many of the shifts in the Java community over the past year, Several Java developer efforts have brought open source development processes and new levels of transparency and participation into their communities. Learn about the latest Java innovations to the Java SE Platform - Java SE 10, 11, 12 and beyond. Since the initiation of efforts to expand the developer participation in the Java community, Java standards development is more open that it ever has been. Learn how to take part in the Java developer community and the upcoming changes to Java - you can participate as an individual, corporation, or nonprofit such as a Java user group (JUG). This session answers questions about why and how to participate in the evolution of the Java platform. You will also learn about the global Adoption programs and how you can participate in contributing to the future of Java.

## Heather VanCura
### Director and Chairperson of the JCP Program
Heather VanCura is the Director and Chairperson of the JCP Program. In her role she is responsible for the chairing the Executive Committee, and providing overall leadership of the community. Heather oversees the web site, JSR management, community building, events, marketing, communications, and growth of the membership. She is also a contributor and leader of the community driven Adopt-a-JSR programs. In 2014, Heather became Spec Lead for the ongoing JCP.Next efforts through JSR 364 and JSR 387. Heather is passionate about Java and developer communities. She enjoys trying new sports and fitness activities in her free time.

# Functional Reactive with Core Java
There are a lot of reactive frameworks in the field, some with functional languages for the JVM. However, Java gives you both. But how you could combine this and use this without adding the next big framework to your project? We will have a Core Java journey to explore a lot of excellent possibilities based on the JDK.

## Sven Ruppert
Java coder since 1996, Oracle @groundbreakers, Developer Advocate
@Vaadin and Speaker, Helping developers world-wide to grow their business.