Migrando una aplicación Spring a Quarkus, mi experiencia real.


Para arrancar el año, retomamos nuestras reuniones con otra interesante charla sobre Quarkus. En esta ocasión Jonathan Vila (co-organizador de JBCNConf y BarcelonaJUG), nos hablará de su experiencia migrando una aplicación Spring a Quarkus.

Os dejamos el abstract y la descripción que nos envía Jonathan. (La charla será en Español).

Have you heard about Quarkus (www.quarkus.io)? For sure you have, a new super fast, super light framework to develop cloud native and GraalVM compatible apps.

How hard is to go the Quarkus way? Specially coming from an existing Spring app.

In this session we will show an experience migrating an existing Spring app to Quarkus using the Spring PetClinic REST app including different technologies as Hibernate, Spring-MVC, etc.

SPEAKER: This talk will be conducted by Jonathan Vila ( https://github.com/jonathanvila ), software engineer at Red Hat and Leader at BarcelonaJUG. He has more than 25 years working as developer and several languages and is starting a Quarkus-isation of his new developments.