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This is a group for anyone interested in entrepreneurship, startups, business networking, technology for business, etc.

A Community For the Startups By the Startups Of the Startups

About us

Vision? The vision of MaduraiStartups is to reduce the Tech/knowledge/connection gap that is currently present in the startup ecosystem.


To become Stack Overflow for entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts.


MaduraiStartups is one of the most trusted community for entrepreneurs to Learn, Share knowledge and Grow.

Why community?

An entrepreneur is alone in his/her journey of building a successful startup. He/she needs a group of like-minded people with whom he can share his/her ideas and discuss his/her problems. People who understand him/her, value his/her unusual thoughts and keeps him/her motivated

https://maduraistartups.in And a community co-work space https://625001.in

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Cloudfloor cowork spaces & Business Technology Incubator

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Cloudfloor cowork spaces & Business Technology Incubator

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Monthly Meetup-Aug 2020

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