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Love ‘Harry Potter’? Love ‘Spirited Away’? Would you love to be part of an exciting magical adventure?

Then you will love playing my new magical table-top Role-Playing system inspired by ‘The Wizarding World’ and the fantastic works of ‘Studio Ghibli’.

“Hidden amongst the magical mists from time and space, a small island holds the ancient and secretive temple academy of ‘Kazuko’. Their masters pass on sacred teaching to only the most naturally talented students.

For the first time in existence, the elders have open the gates to ‘outsiders’, giving a rare and privilege glimpse of arcane wonders and the chance of enrolment. A look beyond the veil into the hidden worlds of raw magic, wonderful locations and crazy creatures (and that’s just the academy).

Do you have what it takes to become a ‘Kazuko’ student? Don’t miss the opportunity of a lifetime. “

Sessions are 2hours long and linked to a campaign. Your student will develop and grow, learning spells and creating new powerful arcane creations.

£7.50 per player (card payments are also available)

First session is free!

Places are limited, so book now via email and start your magical journey.


Past events (4)

‘Academy Of Arcane Arts’ Class North

Needs a location

‘Academy Of Arcane Arts’ Class North

Needs a location

‘Academy Of Arcane Arts’ Class North

Needs a location

Session 0: Pre-Game Character Generation

Secret Nottingham City Location

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