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Magic Leap Global Game Jam at USC
We will be participating in the Global Game Jam at USC. It's an event that happens every year where game developers get together in hundreds of locations throughout the world to spend 48 hours creating a game. You don’t need to spend the whole 48 hours participating, doors are open until 8pm and you can come and go as you please. It will be great experience for anyone interested in making content for the Magic Leap One. No experience is necessary but you will be asked to pitch in (not just watch). Coders, Unity Developers, 3D artists, UI artists, sound designers, etc are all needed. If you are unsure how you can contribute or have any questions please email me. To participate: 1) Click "Are you going?" ✓ - On this Event page 2) Register here: • What to bring Game dev stuff: Desktop/Laptop computers, pens, paper, headphones, snacks, etc. * Note: If numbers of people wanting to participate gets too large we might switch locations and decide to host our own location instead of USC.

USC School of Cinematic Arts

900 West 34th Street Lucas Wing 112 · Los Angeles , CA

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    What we're about

    What is this group?
    This is a group for developers and enthusiasts who want to explore Mixed Reality (MR).
    A place to: Create, Educate and Explore.

    What is Mixed Reality?

    Placing artificial imagery within a real physical space in such a way that the artificial imagery is able to interact with what is real in the physical world. This is different from Augmented Reality in that Mixed Reality is able to interact with the real world as apposed to Augmented Reality which is simply siting on top. Virtual Reality is artificial imagery sitting on top of a virtual environment.

    Why Magic Leap?
    While there are other MR headsets on the market, Magic Leap as a company really understands the medium and the immense potential. Their hardware is a complete package with everything you would need as a developer. Skills developed for Magic Leap are transferable to other MR mediums. In case the industry changes you can reuse what you have learned.

    Who am I?
    My name is Adam and I have been working in the 3D computer graphics industry for over 10 years. I work as a freelance CG generalist at various companies in LA. I have experience doing VR development in Tokyo for Dassault Systems, makers of Solid Works and Deltagen. I am well versed in all aspects of 3D graphics development.

    Is to create workable examples of Mixed Reality that can be viewed through Magic Leap AND shared with non-Magic Leap users, through phones and tablets. Magic Leap is creating a grant program for indie developers later this year. The goal is to have a working example to apply for that grant.

    There are many opportunities in this field because it is so new and there is a demand for content. Billions of dollars are being spent in anticipation of a digitized world but there are few developers. The unique thing about this medium is that it stretches across every aspect of life. Sales, Art, Entertainment, Medical, Educational, Sports, Realestate, Engineering, etc. We aren’t at a place right now for full adoption but it is on the horizon in very near future. MR glasses are getting smaller and smaller and smartphones are adding support. Big companies like Google, Alibaba, Disney, AT&T, Weta Workshop, ILM, NBA, etc, are putting a lot of money and time into Magic Leap.

    Any level of participation is appreciated. If you can’t make the meetings and want to participate remotely please send me a message. Any and ALL are welcome.

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