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Meeting up in or near Magnolia, period.
Instead of an actual meet-up on a specific date at a specific time, I'm using the Meetup format for something slightly different. If you meditate, are familiar with the channelled Seth material (or similar material), have a general interest in things such as mediumship, trance communication, etc., don't live too far from Magnolia, and would like to "meetup," period, please let me know. Currently, I belong to a meditation group that meets in Rockport and a small "development circle" (for mediumship) that meets in Gloucester. My interest in the Seth material dates to the first time I ever meditated, in 1982, when I "saw" (with my inner eye) a persistent full-color image of the cover of Seth Speaks, by Jane Roberts. It's very rare to actually meet another Seth enthusiast in these parts -- I'm happy to meet anyone nearby who values the inner life, whether they've ever heard of Seth or not.

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The Magnolia Meditation Society (MMS) meets periodically for meditation and related activities including picnics, group exercises, conversation, demonstrations & presentations, etc. but note that this meetup site is currently being phased out -- see the Facebook version at

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