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Feel free to share some photos and a note about what you've been up to.


Since most of you do not want to come out to play we'll forgo our gatherings until people feel more confident about getting together.

Let's up our games - here's an answer to FAQ's for 2020 from National Mah Jongg League. -

Question - "I threw a 5 dot and said flower. Another player called for the flower. I have a flower in my hand. Do I give her the flower and take back the five dot?"

Answer - No. YOu may not replace a misnamed tile with a tile from your hand. Once a tile has been discarded it must remain on the table, but may be correctly renamed.

Question - I called a tile. I picked it up but decided I didn't want it. I have not exposed any tiles from my hand. I have not placed the tile on or in my rack. Can I change my mind and put the tile back on the table.

Answer - Yes, saying 'call' or picking up the tile is not a commitment and a player may change their mind. A player is committed to 'call' once tiles are exposed on the rack or the called tile is place on or in the rack.

We meet regularly to play the fun tile game of Mah Jongg that has been played for centuries. Knowledge of the rules and etiquette are expected. If you're a beginner you are welcome to join one of our beginner lessons. Just contact Carol, the organizer.

Playing American style and using the current card and rules of National Mah Jongg League. Check them out at http://www.nationalmahjongleague.org

Come join in for a fun game and socializing.

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