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Mahkwuhoo (Guided Meditation) @ RBC
Mahkwuhoo Meditation, now at the Reno Buddhist Center! The meditation is $20 CASH or Paypal Brian @ Please DO NOT select "Goods and Services" so there are no fees incurred. Read below for more information about the meditation facilitator and course. Brian "BB" Melendez is a Northern-Southern Paiute and Western Shoshone: Tribal-Community Leader, American Indian Spiritual Scholar, and practitioner of Great Basin custom(s) and culture(s); CEO / Problem Solver of Lucentree, LLC; and Host (and Resident-Indian) of the Coffee with an Indian, Podcast. This course is intended to provide an alternative perspective for meditation as a functional ritual for everyday living. Mahkwuhoo is Brian’s personal practice—no right-way-or-wrong-way—simple, but effective. Mahkwuhoo (literal translation “it’s already done”) is a great basin-esq meditation practice that uses the inner-voice to navigate inner light. Mahkwuhoo is both a guided meditation and silent meditation incorporating: Love. Light. Tribal. Perspective. Please join us, as we strengthen our community! All are welcome! ------------ • Mahkwuhoo is $20 per person and seating is limited. • You may also go through PayPal @ • The meditation is in doors and the temperature is usually warm inside. • If you'd like to bring a blanket, a pillow, or something else to sit on that works too. Otherwise, you will be sitting directly on the carpet. • If you have any questions please, please, please, contact me. I'd love to communicate with you!

Reno Buddist Center

820 Plumas St · Reno, NV