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MVREIA Rehabber & Wholesaler sub group
This is a highly focused sub group of the MVREIA where we focus solely on rehabbing & wholesaling properties. We will discuss the details of specific deals & really dive into the actual "in the trenches" work we do in these two areas of real estate investing. This has been a fantastic group since we began & we're always looking to grow our REIA. Come out & join us! If you are new to the Mahoning Valley Real Estate Investors Association (MVREIA) and have not yet joined as a member, you are still definitely welcome to attend. You may come to any TWO total MVREIA sponsored meetings FREE of charge. Third and subsequent visits will either require you to join as a member or pay $20 per meeting you attend. Membership is extremely affordable and comes with a BOATLOAD of benefits so if you're serious about your Real Estate Investing Career, it really is a no brainer. You can find more information on our website at ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS CHECK THE MAHONING VALLEY REIA WEBSITE FOR UPDATED LOCATIONS & TIMES, EVERY MONTH! THIS MEETUP IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE & OUR WEBSITE IS WHERE THE MOST UP TO DATE INFORMATION CAN BE FOUND. CHECK THE CALENDAR OF EVENTS FOR THE SPECIFIC DATE YOU PLAN TO ATTEND.

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The Mahoning Valley REIA has several events throughout the month. Check the Calendar of Events on our site to see all we have going on. If you're new to real estate, or a seasoned vet, our group has a broad spectrum of members and a whole lot to offer! In my first year, I personally did over 250k in transactions with members I met inside this organization from rehabs, wholesale deals, hard money lending, & private lending. If you ever want to talk personally find the guy at the meetings who does the marketing, I'm at almost every event, but always at the main meeting.

This group is not about attending one meeting and seeing how you like it. It's about making the choice that you want to become a real estate investor. It's about making the commitment that you are going to attend every event & network your butt off until you get what you want & need out of this group. I dare you to come ask me about the 250k I mentioned above. I will personally tell you every deal, including addresses of the properties & point out the people in the room I did the deal with. This group is the real deal folks. And the food is pretty good too.

Dinner begins at 5:30, meeting starts at 6. Dinner is delicious & is $5 per person. Come early & meet some new like minded investors in your local area.

We are a 40+ year old organization with over 100 members. We are not only a group. There's an average of 50 attendees at each monthly meeting & numbers are increasing. Come meet your local real estate investors!

Last but not least, if you're a wholesaler who is looking for Cash Buyers here in the Mahoning Valley, Congratulations! You just found one.... me

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