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This is a group for those who would like to meet others in Maida Vale and North West London environs, including parts of central London, for mingling and having fun. Meet people and socialise, while taking part in the various activities and events that are on your door-step. Places and attractions are always evolving in Maida Vale and there is usually an occasion or location to match the mood of the moment, from seasonal events like the Cavalcade, Summer Fair, pub beer festivals, fireworks, Hampstead Christmas Fair… to ongoing attractions like canal rides, pub quizzes, various pubs, gigs, shows, Everyman Cinema, parks, bars etc, etc, etc… All suggestions are welcome!





I am also the organiser of the Notting Hill Gate Meetup, https://www.meetup.com/Notting-Hill-Gate/ .

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Maida Vale, for example,

Feel free to organise your own event for this group! All you have to do is tell me in person, by 'phone or by e-mail that you want to arrange something and I'll put you down as an "Organiser". (There is no more streamlined process for doing this, unfortunately.) Cool and groovy Kensal Rise. Wonderful people and great fun at Lord's! Camden, man ☮ Little Venice Stock picture from google images, but you get the idea :-) .

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Maida Vale

One Saturday evening...: Nautical drinks, on the Travelling Boat with bar, followed by drinks on static boat. Break the boundaries of W9 and take the TFL boat tour of the Thames sky-line (licensed boat) to a moored boat on the Thames for more drinks. Could be a laugh - very much :-) . Another idea this Summer: Roof-top Bars in Paddington area. It's always magical and fun to chit-chat and have a drink on a building with a view and there are a few bars on high levels in this area. Saturday, 23 September: Portabello market, followed by boozers. There are also definite dates, that are already posted on the calendar! Please RSVP to dates, as they are firmed-up and put onto the calendar - thank you! :-) Also, look-out for Ben's (https://www.meetup.com/Maida-Vale-and-NW-London-Connection/members/83121352/) fantastic and incredibly funny comedy nights, that he quite often puts-on on Mondays at the Good Ship in Kilburn!

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