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Cricket at Lords - followed by pub!
Cricket for everyone! This is a chance to see cricket the easy way, even if you have no interest in sport, as it's a fun "Twenty20" match, only lasting a couple of hours-ish, giving us time to go to the pub afterwards. Nevertheless, the evening will finish at a civilised hour for a "school night", with the pub closing at 11pm, in good time for the tube or bus home. The match is a county match, Middlesex v Sussex - but who cares, as we're only going for a bit of Summer fun! 5.45pm - Lord's Cricket Ground, at the Entrance, St. John's Wood Road, NW8 8QN 9.30pm - The Eagle Pub, 15 Clifton Road, W9 1SY Cricket matches are, by all accounts, quite boozy affairs, so this Meetup is not really suitable for tee-totalers, I'm afraid! 5.45pm - Lord's Cricket Ground, at the Entrance, St. John's Wood Road, NW8 8QN 9.15pm - The Eagle Pub, 15 Clifton Road, W9 1SY Anyroad, I have bought 10 tickets, so get in touch with me, if you would like one!! Alternatively, if you would like to buy your own ticket, near to the ones I already have, we are in the Mound Stand, Lower Tier 3, Staircase Q, seats[masked]. Tickets cost £25 each. You need to register to buy them, but that only takes a minute. You can buy them here: . I SUGGEST YOU BUY A TICKET SOONER, RATHER THAN LATER, AS THEY DO RUN OUT!!! • The Lord's location information is here: . Remember, if you can't find us on the night, please telephone[masked] ☎. I will be OFF-LINE, using an old Nokia, so you need to telephone me! :-) Here's a link to last year's Middlesex v Sussex Twenty/20 fixture: . All ages, 19-99, are welcome! If the weather is dodgy, there's a "Prospects of Play" hotline, telephone number[masked]. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello Everybody, on a quick note about the tickets, I only exchange them for money on the spot and I never take money, without providing a ticket, there and then. (In 2016, one person did pay me in advance, but I decided against doing that ever again and have not done so and will not do so.) For one of the tickets that I have already bought, you need to exchange £25 for a paper ticket in person and I hope this clarity helps! Thanks and all the best, Cathleen :-) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PLAN B: If the match is rained-off, we can convene at the Lord's Tavern pub, next to the cricket ground and then move-on to the Eagle, for a change of scene and to chin-wag and relax, talking about what might have been etc etc... We'll still finish in good time, for a school night. 6pm - The Lord's Tavern pub, next to Lord's Cricket Ground, St John's Wood Rd, London NW8 8QN 9pm - The Eagle Pub, 15 Clifton Road, W9 1SY

Lord's Cricket Ground

St. John's Wood Road, NW8 8QN · London


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This is a group for those who would like to meet others in Maida Vale and North West London environs, including parts of central London, for mingling and having fun. Meet people and socialise, while taking part in the various activities and events that are on your door-step. Places and attractions are always evolving in Maida Vale and there is usually an occasion or location to match the mood of the moment, from seasonal events like the Cavalcade, Summer Fair, pub beer festivals, fireworks, Hampstead Christmas Fair… to ongoing attractions like canal rides, pub quizzes, various pubs, gigs, shows, Everyman Cinema, parks, bars etc, etc, etc… All suggestions are welcome!

I am also the organiser of the Notting Hill Gate Meetup, .

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