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Living in a frantic world?

Juggling busy lives seems to be the expected ‘norm’ these days; head overloaded with work, family pressures, endless emails, books we ‘must’ read, films we ‘have to’ see, not to mention eating the right foods and fitting in exercise. It’s no wonder that our brains get stuck in the ‘doing‘mode and then can’t switch off when it’s time to go to sleep. We spend our lives in our heads, going over what happened during the day or planning how we are going to deal with the next, real or imaginary, problem.

Mindfulness meditation offers an alternative way to constantly being in the ‘driven’ doing mode. It teaches us how to stop, breathe, and start to live in the present moment because, in reality, that is the only ‘real’ moment we have. Rather than focussing on what we need to do, to get, to achieve, to reach our goals, it helps us to realise what we already have and to appreciate that. Join us!

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