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Are you Christian and LGBTQ? Looking to meet more folks like you or to grow in your faith as a queer Christian?

This meetup is for LGBTQ Christians who either 1) affirm their sexuality or 2) are looking to learn more about how to affirm their sexuality while maintaining and growing their faith. Christians and queers (and "same-sex attracted") folks of all stripes welcome. This will be an inclusive and friendly space.

If you're not comfortable signing up for the group the default Meetup way (i.e. you don't want to out yourself on the internet), just send me a message and I'll make sure you stay in the loop.

(Note: This group is not open to those who are unwilling to consider that God loves and blesses LGBTQ+ people.)

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July Maine LGBTQ+ Christian Meetup at Quill

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Spring Maine LGBTQ Christian Meetup at Quill

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Discussion: How do you sustain yourself?

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