Next Meetup

Portland RPGers: connecting players and GMs, every 3rd Thursday
What we'll do: Let's get together and talk about what kind of RPGs we've played, what kind of campaign we'd like to play in, what kinds of campaigns we run/would like to run. Maybe we can get another game or two organized, and if not, we know a few more local RPGers and we can try it again in a few weeks (and hey, we got out of the house, which reduces our "% in Liar"). Why? Because RPGs are a handful of people who meet regularly and are basically on the same page about the kind of game they want to play (the system, mood, goal etc). Meetups involve frequent newcomers with lots of different ideas and goals. To my mind, the way to reconcile these opposites is to have meetups where people who'd like to play and/or run RPGs get together and talk about the kinds of RPGs they'd like to be in / run / are running; then we can connect players to games. Let's try these on the third Thursday of every month - as players need games and as games start, stop, stall and need more players...or just for increasing CHA skills.

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