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What we’re about

Maine Ghost Hunters - Established in 2008

This group is hot with *active* participants from all over New England.  We've been bringing together paranormal enthusiasts from near and far since 2008. We have discussion groups, informal investigations, and wanderings to reported public paranormal hot-spots. If you haven't heard of before, here's your chance to meet the official team and see what we're all about.

MGH is a group with all the thrills associated with ghost hunting, learning about the history and hot spots of paranormally charged locations, and the good times associated with hanging out with like-minded people.  It's everything Maine Ghost Hunters does but without the responsibilities associated with having private clients.

We welcome new members, and assure you, you will be a member of our very active, and highly involved, community outreach organization -  "Maine Ghost Hunters Meetup Group".
Disclaimer: Please be aware there are other paranormal teams in the areas of Maine and New England of questionable ethical standards & moral character.  They are attempting to attract local individuals to their "ghost hunting" group and ghost hunting meetup group via social outings and public investigations. We are aware of at least 1 paranormal investigation team/group leader (and meetup organizer) who involves themselves directly in the Maine and the New England area, who also possesses an *extensive criminal background/history*. We URGE you to be cautious before joining any paranormal team or group, specifically those team(s) who display logos which appear strikingly similar to our "Winged Death's Head".