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Get to know fellow Mainely Vegans! Joining the Maine Vegan Meetup means so many things to so many people:

• A safe place for those working on foregoing animal products to explore the lifestyle
• A dynamic social network of like-minded folks
• A multi-faceted resource for the support of a vegan diet
• A well-established platform for encouraging vegans to promote the lifestyle in their own way in their community

What started as a dining club has evolved to become so much more. With its primary role as a social club for vegan-minded individuals living in Maine, Maine Vegan Meetup can be found organizing or participating in events across the state, ranging from potlucks and restaurant Meetups, to workshops and interactive discussions, to annual events like Gentle Thanksgiving and Meatout. We also enjoy partnering with local nonprofits that offer opportunities for protests, leafletting, volunteerism, and other forms of activism and outreach. If you have an idea how we can bring awareness of the benefits of a vegan lifestyle to your community, please let us know!

You might also like to know...

*All vegans and those interested in animal-free living in Maine are welcome.

*To be as flexible as possible while showing regard for our mission, we have only three requirements for members: no animal products at our events, respectful conversation, and at least part-time residence in Maine.

*Membership is free and ANY member can create a Meetup. In fact, we encourage you to do so!

*Maine Vegan Meetup is coordinated by Chris McClay, a tenured vegan living in Portland, Maine. Chris has been a politically-driven vegan since 1992, has served on the boards of two Maine nonprofits centered on furthering a compassionate, animal-free lifestyle, and has immersed herself in vegan activism since 2009. She credits the Maine Vegan Meetup for much of her success.

Won’t you join a growing community that is passionate about improving health, standing up for animals, protecting the environment, and living all the benefits of a vegan diet…all in one fell swoop?

Spreading the veggie love...

Chris McClay

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