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A 'cooperative' or 'co-op' for short, is an association owned by its members for their mutual benefit. The emerging national legalization of cannabis is creating a situation in which regulations vary by state, so the appropriate level for a co-op to be organized at this time is statewide. Hence the Mainely Cannabis Co-op is initially established to serve the cannabis entrepreneurs of the State of Maine. We have until sometime in 2018, but perhaps later if the corrupt Governor manages to deny the will of the people any longer, to get prepared on multiple levels to deal with state and local governments in Maine. There are already communities voting to outlaw commercial cannabis, like "dry" counties in the South do with alcohol. There will be legal challenges aplenty and problems like banks not taking cannabis money because of Federal regulations prohibiting it. The smart thing to do is anticipate these kinds of things and prepare for them. The recent histories of some other states like California and Colorado have much to teach us.

We also have the opportunity to significantly lower our business costs as a Co-op by buying in bulk to share deep discounts, by trading goods and services among ourselves, and by pooling our resources to share things in common like law firms and performing required paperwork, and warning one another of scammers and cheats. Let's get started: please sign up!


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