What we're about

The Major Meetup Network are leaders/assistant leaders of large meetups. We intend to build a critical mass of large meetups, defined as:

• 1,000 members or more
• Actively running events (at least 3 annually)
• Focused on technology, startups, marketing/media/social media, the future and socializing.
• Initially limited to the NY metro area and later expanding to other metro areas.
• Operating ethically.
• Not political or religious in nature.

By virtue of our substantial combined membership and ability to segment as above, we can:
• Be more appealing to sponsors and related partners. Sponsors wanting to reach larger numbers than most meetups can provide will be able to justify an investment in our network.
o The same sponsor that wouldn’t find it worthwhile to support a 1,200 member group could be more interested in one with 25,000 or 50,000+.
• More easily co-promote or co-produce events with each other.
• Negotiate more effectively with venues.
• Draw speakers to New York for multiple meetups.
• Share ideas, resources and post inquiries among ourselves.
• Secure member benefits and perks not available to our separate meetups. We will meet periodically to review direction and make connections.

Join us and benefit from the power of our network. Open to Organizers and Assistant Organizers of Meetups with 1,000 or more members, subject to the sole discretion of this meetup’s organizer.

Upcoming events

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