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Are you a certified book lover, or are you starting to develop the habit of reading books? If you said yes, then, this is the right Meetup group for you! Join now and meet with people who love to indulge into the world of literature. Be one of us. Be one of the many who dive into wondrous imaginations brought by simple parchments and ink. Breathe in the same addictive scent of old and new book pages. If you're into eBooks, no worries. You're just as accepted as those who are into hardbound or paperback books.

*This isn't just for Makati residents. Everyone's welcome to join.

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June VIRTUAL Book Club - Mindtrip

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The big takeaway from The Monster of Florence - killing is bad. Another quarantine extension, another online book club. For June we'll be taking a step back from the harsh realities of staying indoors all day and going on a mindtrip. Contact by Carl Sagan wins! Carl Sagan’s novel, Contact, follows astronomer Ellie Arroway in an adventure triggered by contact from an intelligent civilization twenty-six light years away. Ellie and four other Earth ambassadors venture through space after deciphering a radio message sent from the star system Vega. Their journey reaches the center of the galaxy, what seems like an Earth beach, and all other sorts of star systems. Upon return to Earth, Ellie struggles to find people who believe in their adventure. A travel that stretches throughout the universe, how will Ellie’s experience shape mankind’s understanding of a life outside Earth?

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