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Are you a certified book lover, or are you starting to develop the habit of reading books? If you said yes, then, this is the right Meetup group for you! Join now and meet with people who love to indulge into the world of literature. Be one of us. Be one of the many who dive into wondrous imaginations brought by simple parchments and ink. Breathe in the same addictive scent of old and new book pages. If you're into eBooks, no worries. You're just as accepted as those who are into hardbound or paperback books.

*This isn't just for Makati residents. Everyone's welcome to join.

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Book club August - From the smaller island down under the Land Down Under

Orphan Master's Son is full of geopolitics and cults, two of Makati Book Club's favorite topics. Truly we have seen the light of the world's most democratic nation through the patriotic act of gathering to expose such American propaganda for the trickery that it is. Do not be fooled by its easy to digest writing, engaging story line, and exploration of freedom and identity, for that is how they enslave your mind to join their materialistic pyramid scheme of poverty. All praise Kim Jong Un, Supreme Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea!

Anyway, a quick read this month at under 300 pages, we've got The Rain Heron by Robbie Arnott. Let's see what the Aussies are all about.


"I quite liked it." - Daniel's Mom

A gripping novel of myth, environment, adventure, and an unlikely friendship, from an award-winning Australian author

Ren lives alone on the remote frontier of a country devastated by a coup d'état. High on the forested slopes, she survives by hunting, farming, trading, and forgetting the contours of what was once a normal life. But her quiet stability is disrupted when an army unit, led by a young female soldier, comes to the mountains on government orders in search of a legendary creature called the rain heron―a mythical, dangerous, form-shifting bird with the ability to change the weather. Ren insists that the bird is simply a story, yet the soldier will not be deterred, forcing them both into a gruelling quest.

Spellbinding and immersive, Robbie Arnott’s The Rain Heron is an astounding, mythical exploration of human resilience, female friendship, and humankind’s precarious relationship to nature. As Ren and the soldier hunt for the heron, a bond between them forms, and the painful details of Ren’s former life emerge―a life punctuated by loss, trauma, and a second, equally magical and dangerous creature. Slowly, Ren's and the soldier’s lives entwine, unravel, and ultimately erupt in a masterfully crafted ending in which both women are forced to confront their biggest fears―and regrets.

Robbie Arnott, one of Australia’s most acclaimed young novelists, sews magic into reality with a steady, confident hand. Bubbling with rare imagination and ambition, The Rain Heron is an emotionally charged and dazzling novel, one that asks timely yet eternal questions about environment, friendship, nationality, and the myths that bind us.

Get your copy here - https://gofile.io/d/CQadsT

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