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For 2019's first blockchain meetup, we'll be having a DTL to discuss various topics relevant to our community.

Drink Talk Learn (DTL) is a meetup where participants deliver presentations on interesting subjects while drinking and having a great time. Presentations will be strictly limited to three (3) minutes, and no pitches will be allowed. If the presentation takes longer than expected, the presenter will pause to drink our special mix.

Presentations include:

1) Decentralized Finance - Johan Sten

2) Tokenization of Assets in the Philippines - Krystian Kucharzyk (Chief Marketing Officer, PDAX)

3) How to Choose a Blockchain for Your DApp - Chris Verceles (Developer, ConsenSys)

4) Blockchain in 2018: Key Developments in the Philippines - Mike Mislos (Chief Content Officer, BitPinas)

5) Blockchain Predictions 2019 - Jim Yuan

6) Lightning Network for Bitcoin - Ramon Tayag (CTO, Bloom)

7) Why Bitcoin is Not Anonymous - Franco Araneta (Community Development Officer, SCI)

8) Blockchain: Not a Silver Bullet - JM Elimanco (Product Manager, PDAX)

9) Is Bitcoin Mining Bad for the Environment? - Luis Buenaventura (Chief Strategy Officer, Bloom)

10) Getting to Know Satoshi Nakamoto - Miguel Cuneta (Chief Community Officer, SCI)

11) The Startups We Need: What’s Next After Blockchain? - Cecille De Jesus (Founder, Prodigy)

12) Signs of Emerging Bullish Sentiment for Crypto - Dennis Orellana (Vice President for Operations, Moneybees)

13) Primer on Scaling: Sidechains and State Channels - Caspar Oostendorp (Co-Founder - Oost & Voort)

14) Permissioned Blockchain for Settlements - Mark Vernon (CEO, TagCash)

15) Mean Reversion and Trading - Michael Ngo Dee

16) How Customers View Blockchain Project and Tokens - Jacky Romorosa (COO, AQWIRE)

17) Blockchain's Implication on Tax and Accounting - Manny Buensuceso (Senior Manager, Reyes Tacandong & Co.)

18) The DeLorean - Colin Goltra, Head of Digital Currency Team,

19) Blockchain-Based Voting: Why It's Not (Yet) For the Philippines - Aji Maglanque (Computer Science Undergrad, UP Manila)

20) Blockchain Enterprise Applications - Peter Ing (Head of Enterprise, SCI)

21) Self-Sovereign Identity - Gerb Inajada (Assistant Vice President, UNIONBANK)

22) Monero and the Relation Between Privacy and Financial Sovereignty - Nick Galan (Founder, CoinRunnersPh)

23) Supply Chain: Blockchain Use Case for Government - Verlin Sanciangco (CEO, Mindgenix)

24) Presentation to be Determined - Jay Fajardo (CEO, GameWorks)

25) Blockchain for Academe - Eli Becislao (COO, C Estates)

26) Token-Curated Registries - Amadeo Brands (CTO, EOI Digital)

27) Cryptoeconomic Fundamentals - Wayne Chang (ConsenSys)

28) A Critique on the Bank of International Settlements' “Doomsday Economics of 'Proof-of-Work' in Cryptocurrencies” - Rafael Padilla

Presenters are very welcome, but presentations (with slides required) should be completed in three minutes, or else they will need to drink our special mix.

Attendees are also encouraged to participate and present their slides.

For those who might wanna hijack the meetup and present their pitch tokens, we will also have a very special mix for you.

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Our community is rapidly growing. We need more volunteers and considerable resource to arrange for our meetups. If you wish to help, sponsor or contribute to this event, please contact our organizers ([masked]).

This is a free event. No need to seek permission if you wish to attend although we need you to RSVP.

Our open forum welcomes discussion of other topics not necessarily relevant to the announced theme. However, please allow the organizers opportunity to moderate the discussions.