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Mission Statement: To offer all humanity a simple and effective set of practices for relaxation, meditation, purifying and simplifying the mind and building inner strength and attitudes, to create a lasting sense of fulfillment and overall growth. The Need: As our world is constantly going through changes, so are humans and their approaches to satisfying their basic needs. One such basic need, after food, clothing and shelter, is the deep desire to achieve a sense of fulfillment and belonging. From time immemorial, humans have been searching for ways to achieve that sense of fulfillment and belonging. One means for self-fulfillment is to reach our ultimate potential, which seems to involve an individual search towards a higher existence, beyond the mundane aspects of daily life. The Heartfulness Institute offers a rich variety of simple, gradual, relaxation and meditation solutions close to home, to help us solve our problems and be the best we can possibly be in all walks of life. Whether a teacher or a business executive, a student of science or art; whether a believer in God or an atheist; we can all pursue the path of fulfillment, excellence and perfection. There may be many means to achive this state of being. Hearfulness is a certain approach to help any sincere seeker reach that state of being. Looking forward to see you soon! Heartfulness Manila

45 Limasawa St, Magallanes Village

45 Limasawa St, Magallanes Village · Makati

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This is open for people who seeks stress management, relaxation techniques and meditation (!
Heartfulness Meditation is a simple, practical technique that you can use alongside any other form of yoga, meditation or spiritual practice. For a few minutes, you will learn how to truly relax and feel the lightness and joy of your true nature. You don’t need to know how to meditate or to believe in a particular system or philosophy. The Heartfulness technique shows us to gently turn our attention towards our heart and experience that inner presence for ourselves.

Looking forward to see you soon!

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