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Make a Film in a Day by MTS at Hollywood is the only workshop that give you an overview of the whole filmmaking process from EUREKA!, through ACTION! to IT'S A WRAP! Working in teams

The MAFIAD members work against the clock to plan, storyboard, shoot, act and edit their film (complete with sound effects and music)...and by the end of the day their first movie is complete!

There is a screening of the finished films at the end of the day.

Looking forward to seeing everyone.

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What's the age range?

Applicants ages 18+ and from beginner to expert are welcome to apply

Do I have to provide my own camera, film and processing, or digital and/or film stock?

The Program provides all cameras, film & processing, and digital media. Depending on the course, the equipment/media quantities may vary. Some members elect to bring their own camera or other equipment; however, MTS does not insure outside gear.

What is the cost of classes

The tuition is based on the number of credits in your desired class. At the beginning of each class description you will find the number of credits for each class as well as the dates, days and times it meets.

For example, a two-unit class would be $80.00 (USD) for tuition only.

2 credits x $40.00 = $80.00

4 credits x $40.00 = $160.00

6 credits x $40.00 = $240.00

8 credits x $40.00 = $320.00

What's the membership fee?

MTS Film Program is only $780 per year for limited time, all of which is given back to you as Credits, in addition to all other membership benefits.

Where is the location of these classes & workshops?

All our classes at our West Hollywood chapter.

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Creating a Short Film: Pre-Production

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