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$69,500 IS THE AVERAGE GROSS PROFIT ACROSS THE UNITED STATES FOR FLIPPING HOUSES IN 2018, that's the highest amount of profit since 2000. Flipping houses, always a risk-reward proposition, is still very popular in the U.S

The rate of house flips hit a six-year high as a share of sales in the first quarter of 2018, according to a report in ATTOM Data Solutions

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Real estate student tells how she made a $400,000 PROFIT on ONE DEAL flipping houses to CASH BUYERS

Real estate student tells how she increased her NET WORTH to $1.5 MILLION DOLLARS in 10 MONTHS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7Cr-xgrtnE

Here's Your Chance to Get One-On-One Real Estate Investing Coaching & Mentoring From Terry Bontemps, One Of Sacramento's Leading Real Estate Investing Experts! You'll not only have Terry to teach, mentor, coach & train you, but he'll personally be helping you along the way!

Terry Bontemps has over 38 years real estate investing experience buying, selling and managing houses. He's bought real estate in California, Nevada, Arizona, New York, Florida and Illinois. He's been investing on Sacramento since 1980

Terry's developed the #1 real estate investing education mobile app on the market. It's called Bank Foreclosure Millionaire and you can download it from the Google Play Store or App Store. If you want to download it to your computer go to http://www.BankForeclosureMillionaire.com

He's been a fly-in coach and trainer for a number of large real estate education companies. He's personally taught and trained thousands of students across the United States on how to be real estate investors.

He's one of the largest buyers of nonperforming 2nd notes in the United States. He buys foreclosures from banks at 30%-50% below market value. The largest transaction that he's worked involved 187 nonperforming loans that were valued at $22 million that he was going to flip to a hedge fund.

Terry is a expert in working with homeowners facing foreclosure keep their homes instead of losing them to the banks. He buys the homeowners loan from the bank and then modifies the owners loan so they can keep their home. Thus Terry becomes the owners bank instead of Wells Fargo or Bank of America. NO ONE IS TEACHING THIS. NO ONE IS TEACHING REAL ESTATE INVESTORS HOW TO BE THE BANK INSTEAD OF BEING A LANDLORD!

Click the link to hear how Terry's student from Detroit learned how to buy foreclosures at 30%-50% below market value from banks. Portfolio of properties she received was valued at $20 MILLION DOLLARS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yry4kN1Biks&t=247s

Please visit and subscribe to Terry Bontemps YouTube channel where he has over 175 content rich real estate investing videos https://www.youtube.com/user/ibuyhouses1


- Buy homes and flip houses to earn extra income!

- Negotiate real estate deals and learn how to make a profit!

- Flip houses from foreclosures, fixer uppers, vacant property, probate and learn how to make money!


- Buy homes cheap, fix them up and sell high!

- Understand real estate market conditions and how they change!

- Learn investment strategies, master the market and find real estate deals that produce a win, win for all parties involved!


- Investment strategies that are creative and require no money, credit, job or real estate license!

- How professional real estate investors make money structuring deals!

- How to get the money to fund your real estate deals!


Learn about:

- The Mechanics of The Deal

- Financial Analysis

- Real Estate Formulas

- Number Crunching

- Property Value Negotiating Skills

- Property Blueprints

- And more!

Feel free to call Terry at (916)470-3869 if you want a consultation to see if he can help you make MORE money and build wealth investing in real estate in Sacramento

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