What we're about

Make it Real is about honesty and courage in startups. We help founders cut through the fluff and ship real world products in days, not months. Whether you're looking to build an app, launch your brand, or get zero-BS feedback about your idea, this group will help you get there.

Why come to Make it Real?

- You have an idea for a product or service that you're not quite sure how to bring to reality.
- You think the only way to get your idea off the ground is to find an investor or cofounder.
- You're wondering how to get your first customers.
- You ready to have something built, but you're not sure how or where to find the developers.
- You want honest, zero-BS feedback about your idea/product.
- You want to learn about other cool startups in the community and meet fellow founders.

Startups are all about community, so be willing to give and get. Before you make a withdrawal, you must first make a deposit. We read that on a Snapple cap.

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How to Build Uber-for-X (Chattanooga Startup Week)

The Edney Innovation Center

Uber and AirBnb have changed the way people find products and services. While these companies dominate their respective markets, there are still many untapped opportunities to build digital solutions that connect people to products and services. Make It Real Meetup is coming to Chattanooga Startup week, as we dive into building these 'Marketplace Apps'. There's no shortage of great app ideas out there. The challenge is making it real. At this meetup, we'll review marketplace app examples, workshop your ideas, and address common questions, like: - I've got an idea. How can I validate it on a low budget? - I'm not a developer. How can I build a marketplace app? - Where do I start? Vendors (service or product provider) or consumers? If you've got an idea for a marketplace app, this would be a great place to start making it real!

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