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Ever feel like you've lost your magic touch? Or maybe you haven't, but would like to find new and creative ways of bringing more "real magic" into your life. Perhaps you have gone through something and are looking for some direction or you may just love the idea of everything magical. If any of this resonates with you, you have attracted tidylodge into your life for magical reasons known only to you.

Science is magic and a positive strength-based approach to psychotherapy and coaching is nothing short of "real magic". We can see evidence all around us, and although that magic might be explained by something ordinary and sensible, let's not ruin the fun. Others can fill their day with coincidences, let's fill our with "goodness gracious me", that's unbelievable! There is absolute magic in the transformation a person feels when they are appreciated, shown their worth, validated, shown a mirror that highlights their inner awesomeness, helped to make sense of their lives, to remove obstacles that are blocking them and find solutions to complicated issues and acceptance in situations that can't be solved. We all have problems, there is no shame in asking for help, especially when what you're asking for is a touch of magic in your life.

At tidylodge we offer face-to-face psychotherapy and coaching in Singapore as well as online, offering multiple location options to suit you, we provide a range of services catered specifically to your needs, guaranteed to bring you a level of comfort, hope and transformation you desire. Our services include adult and adolescent mental health and well-being services and even relationship magic for couples. We accept referrals in the form of self-referral, family member referral, organisation referrals; such as industry professionals, doctors, hospitals, employers and schools.

We provide workshops that help you reach your fullest potential, the outcome of our recipe is Everyday Magic, with a dash of psychology, a splash of therapy, a sprinkling of coaching and a motivational topping, you'll be wondering where Magical Therapy was your whole life ☆

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Let's Meet, let's begin the Magic and Get to Know each other

Hi Everyone, I'd like to officially organise our first session together. Let's meet up for an informal chat. I'd like to start a fortnightly group and also put on that magical workshop I've promised you all for so long now. So, if you'd like to find out more about this group, what we are offering and what it's all about, do join us on Thursday 5th December as we prepare for a magical 2020. This first group will be in the East, nearest MRT is Upper Changi at the magical D'Star Cafe located in SUTD. Please be prepared to purchase a beverage as a minimum order requirement for seating. Super excited to meet all of you who are looking to make life more magical, Best wishes, Kellyjo

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