What we're about

I thought it was about time to create a group for Icelanders who grew up outside of Iceland. Making friends in Iceland is tough, most people have friend groups from primary school up to college and that is a tough dynamic to navigate for someone new, especially since it’s already hard enough to be new to begin with. I know I wished for someone in my corner to understood how I felt. I thought it was about time that we all came together and got to know each other, I have a feeling there are more of us than we think.

This group is of course open to people who are not from Iceland but who have felt similar things after moving here and want to get to know others that have been through similar experiences. Whatever people’s motives are I hope anyone who is interested takes a chance to make a new friend or two. Join if you want to meet new people and possible new friends for life in Iceland!

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Meetup: The third

Hlemmur Square

Meetup 2: The Sequel


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