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It really is possible to let go of dieting, weight struggles, food challenges, and other issues so many people are dealing with due to our culture's obsession with the "thin ideal."

No matter your size, shape or your history with food and/or your body, getting back to living life now (rather than putting it on hold until you reach a certain size or number on the scale) is the way out of the endless dieting and weight loss cycles that only lead to frustration, beating yourself up and damage to your body.

Let's get together in a supportive, non-judgmental and compassionate atmosphere designed to support you in making peace with food and your body right here, right now. You'll learn life-changing skills and strategies for living the life you really want, enjoying your favorite foods without fear, shame or guilt and putting an end to beating your body into submission (which doesn't work anyway).

Wondering about weight loss? I get it and I understand. Here's the good news... your body will take care of the weight piece (that's its job!) while you focus on taking care of yourself and living life on your terms!

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